Smart Meter not working only displaying gas

We had a smart meter installed over a year ago. not the best job (messy and left us having to get another engineer in ourselves to try and fix) we were told the meter would be working within a day or so as it was only displaying gas reading. A year on and we’re still waiting. Been through all the steps on website to resolve but heard nothing. Please could you advise or we will be changing providers

Welcome to the wonderful world of Smart Meters, where they were rolled out to customers of various Utility Providers in an unready state, full of glitches, unable to connect one or both fuel meters, dodgy IHDs and any other possible problem you can think of

Almost always not Bulb (or Eon, Ovo ect) fault but the UK Government’s in releasing the Smart Meter and it’s network before it wasn’t truly ready because they acted on the knee jerk pressures of the virtue signalling types who applied said pressure, much like the types who’ve moaned about the Covid Lockdown measures, pushing the Government to ease things and then complaining that the same Government have relaxed things too fast, too soon and then moaned at the Government for that

more importantly, what’s the solution?

There isn’t one, apart from patience

We just have to wait until the DCC sort out their network, create a better firmware for their IHDs or pull a rabbit out of the hat

There’s very little we as customers or Bulb can do

ok thanks for the honesty, more than I’ve had from bulb

@benappease Welcome to our Bulb Community :bulb:

I’m really sorry that you’ve faced some issues with your smart meters. I can see that they’re both commissioned and we’re receiving readings from them which is great. I assume therefore that your issue is with the In-Home Display that should show your energy usage.

There are some fixes we can try to get this up and running so I’ve just dropped you an email so we can discuss this further :slight_smile: