Smart meter not working so cannot supply a reading

My previous supplier provided me with a smart meter. Pity within days I could not read it. I presumed when I changed supplier it could be read electronically but no seemingly, as all my bulb readings are estimates. I have mailed Bulb but no reply. I am a lot of money in credit but do not know if that is real credit or not. In addition, my boiler is bust so want to know how much electricity we are consuming heating the house whilst we work on getting a new gas boiler.


@Jill, unfortunately 1st generation smart meters (like the one you will have been supplied with) cannot normally be read by anyone but the original supplier.

Bulb are looking to install 2nd generation smart meters from the middle of 2018 so they can take readings automatically and the meter will continue to function in a smart way should you decide to switch afterwards.

Regarding your current meter, you will need to take meter readings manually from the meter itself, as with an older “dumb” meter.
The guide here may help you.

Bulb can be a little slow on the emails (at least compared to other communcation methods); in the future I’d suggest the web chat here (bottom right), or phone (0300 30 30 635).

Thanks for this advice. We did as you said and could take a reading from both meters - hurray! With our gas boiler out of use, we need to let you know why our readings are unusual and to keep on top of them.

And yes web chat worked - stuff email from now on.

Roll on smart meters that are truly smart I say.

My British Gas smart meter has stopped working! It will not connect. It has worked fine for all the time I’ve been with Bulb. Will bulb supply a new smart meter or do I have to look at the meters on the side of the house for readings?

By meter not working presume you mean the IHD. Yes you will have to send in manual readings from the meters (unfortunately I’m using my phone so can’t give you a link to the problems with ihd not connecting) but if you look about this forum you will see plenty of horror stories about smart meters not working correctly

Yip. It’s the IHD. I’ll just send manual readings. It’s not big issue sine the meters are on the front of the house.

At least you’re quite relaxed about it some of the posters on here are ready to start WW3

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Are you saying that it’s been sending readings to Bulb automatically previously? If so, it’s possibly not the IHD that’s broken and might be some other problem. I’d suggest phoning Bulb to ask about it on Monday morning.

I’ve taken readings from the IHD and emailed them to Bulb via the ap previously. My IHD just says connecting but doesn’t.

Ah, ok. Just to clarify, the term “manual readings” means readings taken either directly from the meter or remotely from the IHD. They are both manual, as opposed to readings that are collected automatically without you having to do anything.

Since it’s an old SMETS1 smart meter, Bulb won’t be able to do anything to fix. If it’s a software error, it might start working again once your meter is enrolled in the DCC over the next 12 to 18 months. If it’s a hardware fault, you can try asking Bulb but they might not be prepared to do anything about it yet assuming you can still get readings directly from the meters.