Smart Meter, Not working support from customer service sporadic

Back in October I got a smart meter installed. Because the engineer finished after the office closed it was not set active.

I reached out to bulb to get it swtiched on, and we are now going into feb having received a £5 credit as no-one has answered my emails for long periods of time, but its still not working.

Not really sure what to do, customer support basically said all meters are not working and there are lots of issues with this service tpo leave it with them and they will come back to me, but i cant even receive current usage on the display, let alone connect it directly to bulb.

Anyone got any advice? p.s switching it off and on doesn’t work.

There’s nothing you as a customer can do. It’s a bigger problem than just turning it off and on again! You can still read your meters manually like you always used to do, so at least you can still monitor and submit your usage just not yet with a fancy display.

I have the same issue. I had my smart meter installed in October but it has never worked.
The gas meter can be read but the electricity meter does not show a reading and pressing the A button does nothing. I only see 0.00.
I’ve tried many times to get support to tell me when they will fix it but their response is also sporadic.

This is in breach of the code of Section 5.1.1 of the “Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice” states “If a fault is identified with the Smart Metering System during the Installation Visit, the Customer is made aware of the problem, what the resolution is likely to be, who will be resolving the fault, and the approximate timescales of the resolution;”. I have had no detail provided about the resolution, who will resolve it or any timescales of the resolution.

Section 5.1.2 states “The Customer is provided with contact details for additional information related to the Smart Metering System fault, for example should they wish to check progress;”. I don’t have this either.

I’m still getting estimates for electricity, which, in the past have been overestimates every time. Sometimes considerable overestimates.

I’m really not happy with this. Is it time to go to the Energy Ombudsman?

Have you first exhausted the required 8 week period through an official complaint to Bulb? If so, then yes you can go to the ombudsman. Although I’m not entirely sure what they could do, they can’t wave a magic wand and have 6 months of code be developed, tested, and put into production overnight. Now that’s not to excuse Bulb’s lack of communication on all these problems, but it takes as long as it takes. Fines and slaps on the wrist from the ombudsman isn’t going to get the code written any faster, particularly so for the problems that are outside of Bulb’s control (e.g., DCC issues).

DCC issues may be 3rd party issues but Bulb send me a letter to encourage me to get this installed in September/October even though they were experiencing problems going back much further and even though I am in Northern region.

Surely they have a responsibility to their customers to fix these issues BEFORE encouraging others to join? That is where my sympathy runs very thin!

I certainly can’t disagree with you.

You must do as you wish, of course. For me, I don’t think I could be bothered with the hassle of a formal complaint and dealing with the ombudsman for £50 compo and still end up with the problem unable yet to be solved. YMMV :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s also the time (wasted)on this that the ombudsman could be spending on a case that he could resolve. Certainly can’t resolve this one

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