Smart Meter not working

Anyone else having problems with their smart meter? Instead of Bulb taking a reading from our new smart meter for our Gas monthly bill they estimated it and estimated double what we actually used. They took the correct smart electric reading. I’ve tried to contact them all week about it and have been ignored.
Also I cannot seem to get the electric usage to display on my reader, only gas. I’ve been through all the settings and press the button to flip to electric but all I see is my gas usage. I don’t understand. Anyone know how to fix this? Again been trying to contact Bulb via email and chat since last Monday and been ignored. Tried phoning and unless you want to be on hold forever it’s pointless. Thanks

Sorry Just read people are experiencing same issue in other posts! I wouldn’t mind estimates if they didn’t estimate double!! Making my bill seem extremely high for no reason. Seems a right shambles

Join the club, they are installing smart meters that aren’t yet “smart” and they don’t want to admit it!

Seems a joke! They estimated my first reading as 50 when I checked the box outside it said 27. Why the overestimate. They’ve not even gone off last year. They love you to be in debit so they can try and hike your monthly bill up. Ignoring any pleas to correct the reading.

Did you phone them or email them? I wouldn’t bother with the email! To be fair they have corrected my readings, but shouldn’t be having to chase it up in the first place with a smart meter THEY installed!!!

Ignored 3 emails since Monday. Online chat it took them over an hour to respond to just say we are closing I am ending the chat and I haven’t been able to wait long enough on the phone at a time. But I will try and phone again Tuesday. Just a waste of time. Thank you, I’m sorry to hear your issues but glad it’s not just me I thought I had done something wrong :slight_smile:

When I first joined Bulb a couple of years ago you could always get a response straight away, it was so refreshing… But since the TV adverts and smart meter roll out wait times have shot up. Now they seem to be no different to the other suppliers! It’s only because Bulb are still the cheapest for me that I am still with them.

I had my smart meter installed on he 29th , I was on holiday until today so my landlord let the engineer in for us, they estimated both bills, interestingly they estimated my gas at 3 even though the heating and hot water was of when we where away and when I checked this morning it was still at 0, my electric is estimated 50 above what we normally use, IHD is not working either, so overall not a great experience!

I had a meter installed on the 1st May. The installation was trouble free and the engineer was polite and helpful. The CAD was plugged in and I’ve been waiting to connect to ‘something’ ever since. We were told the system is live and would send readings immediately however it might take up to 90 days for us to see anything! Did anyone else get an instruction manual with their CAD. This is the little handheld display screen that is supposed to give ‘live’ usage data. I’m putting it back in the box. Nothing more annoying that watching something Not connect! I look forward to seeing if I get an estimated bill too now.

Ours was installed on 4th April. I wasn’t home either at the time but he told my husband to give it 24 hours to update and we would see all usage. Electricity has never worked on the smart meter screen but Bulb were able to take a correct Smart reading. I can see all my gas usage in live time and all the gas options in the settings but they took an estimate of it. We got a small booklet that doesn’t have any troubleshooting instructions. It’s just a quick guide

Just been reading all the comments, as I have just posted the same issue on another page. Not sounding very promising, as it doesnt look as if the unit will ever work properly! At least Ive discovered Im not alone…! Mine was installed yesterday (4th May) so Ill just forget all about it working for a few weeks. When/if it ever does it will be a nice surprise, not going to wind myself up about it, not worth it. The trouble is, how are we ever going to check what we are using, versus what they charge us, if our bills come out higher? Time will tell.

I had my not-so-smart meter installed on 1st April. The engineer said it would take 24 hours to register usage but it actually took 2 weeks and it is still only showing gas, not electricity usage. Bulb tell me its a known problem but are unable to say when it will show electricity usage.