Smart Meter not working

Hi there was just wondering if anyone’s smart meters actually work in there homes and gives electricity and gas usage as expected. Av went through the forums and read all issues and problems and tried everything and no success . My IHD3 Meter acctully worked for about a hour while engineer was in he left and 10 mins later it stopped working and gave message waiting for current data . Its said this for 10 days and as av said av tried everything av emailed bulb alot of times and filled out the form for smart meters not working 3 times and still no reply . So is anyones actually working as it should or is everyones not working. Was thinking phoning them up tomorrow see if a can mabe get engineer out see if he can fix it . Regards David.

My meter shows static data - same usage every day, whatever time of day I look. I assume it is in some sort of demo mode. Would be useful if there was somewhere that allowed users to troubleshoot what is wrong.

In the meantime, will Bulb tell me how to fix it please?

Yeah bulb will probably sort the problem if u email them they will get bk to you with in 5 days or try phoning them thats what am going to do to see if they can sort the problem from there end.