Smart Meter - Not working

Had smart meter installed over 5 weeks ago know since then.

No readings are being taken at all on my bulb account.

I have no idea where I stand with payments as my statements are not accurate

I can no longer submit manual readings as the option has gone.

My IHD doesn’t work

Contacted bulb 10 days after install received no help or news whatsoever.

Assume they have major problems somewhere but communication would be nice for anything.

Does anyone have a working smart meter experience?

Have you read Bulbs blog on smart imeter issues and the multitude of threads on this forum?

Yes all seem useless and not leading to resolve hence post

I’ve had lots of conflicting emails,one said that I’m on the list for a fix,another said that the meters hadn’t been commission and I would have to wait months for an engineers visit,now I’m told that the meters were commissioned and I’m back on the waiting list for a fix.
To make matters worse the ability to submit meter readings has been removed,so I’ve emailed them but they don’t appear on my account.

Yes all seem useless and not leading to resolve hence post

What additional information would you like Bulb to include in the Blog article on smart meters? Is your situation any different to that contained in the Bulb Blog or previous threads on this forum?

I ask the question as a non smart customer but from a quality point of view Bulb should be providing appropriate information to their smart meter customers who are experiencing problems.

Feel bulb are ignoring their customers who are having problems since having smart meters. Why can’t they just be up front and keep us informed. Surly someone in Authority must be able to take them to task the way we have been treated. What would happen if everyone just said they are going to leave Bulb!!!

I know I have just altered my payments to £5 a month I will put the rest in an account ready for payment but if they are not going to give me the ability to give accurate reading they won’t get accurate payment, maybe this will prompt some action will put it in cash isa every month until something happens win win

A few weeks ago I did the online chat and the man was able to manually put a meter reading and show me my usage. Maybe give this a try

@Lea @Johno until the issues connecting your meter are sorted we can take the readings manually if you send them to us via email

Read more about the issues we are having here:

and here: