Smart Meter Not working?

Hi All,

I had a Smart meter installed on 22nd November. They could not access the gas so the guy just installed the electric meter. He told me it would take 48 hours for it to show on the little smart screen thing that you plug in but its over a week and nothing. Bulb are emailing me for meter readings and i have done this for the gas but how can i give them a reading from the new meter as it has reset back to zero? I dont even know if its working or not ??

If you are a regular on this forum you’ll see a multitude of threads with this very problem. The government rushed smart meter rollout has meant they’re fraught with issues. There is a thread here from Chameleon technology that has a few workaround fixes

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Similar here - guy installed smart meters on the 22nd. Electricity fine; gas one not working. Told me Bulb would contact me but … nowt so far!

Get used to it, mine was “installed” in June and i am still waiting for anything smart to happen, manual meter reads and an IHD that does not work. better off with the old meters.

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I had my “smart” meter installed on the 5th. Wasn’t all that inspiring given the guy fitting it said how they were a bit hit and miss but for the first couple of weeks all looked good.

Now it doesn’t show gas reading, and I’ve just been asked for a reading. So remind me again, what is the point of these?

Also a little worried that the last reading it claims to have sent (looking at my account) is for 99999m3 of gas… that’ll be quite a bill :-/

02 Dec 19 Electricity Smart 241
06 Nov 19 Electricity Smart 4
05 Nov 19 Gas Smart 99999
05 Nov 19 Gas Customer 0
05 Nov 19 Gas Customer 22754
05 Nov 19 Electricity Smart 0
05 Nov 19 Electricity Customer 74096