Smart Meter not working3

My in home display keeps rebooting, it hasn’t been displaying readings for a while now. My online statements are also not updated. Not sure the meter is sending any data.

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don’t specify if you have smets 1 or 2but if you have smets 1

My smart meter is provide by Bulb, i did not had smart meter before. It worked initially for couple of months and then it stopped.

One possibility is you could ask Bulb to contact DCC, the company who runs the smart meter network and get them to do a cold reboot of the comms unit that’s attached to your electric meter. It usually takes DCC about 5 days to do this.
It worked for me.

Hi @bijukjacob,

The first thing to try is to start taking daily readings. If you’re happy for us to do this, please could you change your preferences on your online Bulb Account.

Once you’ve done that, let me know, as we may not need to do a cold reboot.

Ok @William_at_Bulb I have done that now.

I have had a SMETS2 smart meter fitted. It worked fine for many months and now Bulb cant get the dat from it. 2 weeks ago Bulb was going to ask for a reboot which I don’t think has happened.

Emailed Bulb about the same issue but no response very poor customer service overall.

Back to taking meter readings myself but this can be done with the IHD instead of outside in the dark.

Same here. My smart meter was working well for months and for the last week it’s been rebooting constantly - every minute. I don’t think it can connect to the meter so everything flashes. On rebooting it says “Chameleon Technologies, Software Version 1.4”.

I’m going to ask Bulb for help.

Same problem here. Started in first week of Jan. IHD is constantly rebooting. Tried the IHD reset through the link but that didn’t fix anything. Filled in the contact us web form 2 and a half weeks ago but got reply (except the auto response). Spoke to customer services today who finally said they’re aware of customers having issues and are working with the manufacturer of the IHD.

However, I have no smart meter reading that have been sent so far in the past month. I’ve been told to see if it appears in my account over the next few days.

same here, same fault.

Same problem with the IHD here. Reboot every minute and can’t connect to the meter. Was working perfectly for 6 months prior. No reply from Bulb via the contact for for two weeks so far.