Smart meter - ombudsman resolution

Email Sent to Bulb today:-

FAO Louisa

I refer to the above and my emails below.

Since the ombudsman made her decision regarding my complaint, I have not had any contact from you.

Could you confirm when an attempt was made to remotely commission my meter (as per the ombudsman’s decision).

Could you also confirm when the compensation amount of £?? will be credited to my account?

Could you also confirm when you will be crediting the difference between what I would have paid on the E7 tariff and what I am paying now on the single tariff, as per the ombudsman’s decision.

The ombudsman expects you to complete the resolution by 17th May.

I would add that my complaint was aired “live” on “This Morning’s” Martin Lewis’ segment and they are keenly awaiting the outcome.

David Bell

Hey @DaveDB

I would recommend sending this in an email to us if you haven’t already! Community posts are looked at by the Social team as well as other Bulb Members but if you need a specific issue chased up with a colleague, I would pop them a direct email.

Ombudsman decisions are made with certain deadlines for the company to accept the decision and then implement resolutions, as you mentioned it seems your case’s deadline is the 17th of May so it might just take a bit of time for it to be done as there’s still some time to get it sorted but please rest assured it will be addressed by then.

– H :bulb:

You see this is the problem with Bulb customer services. No one reads anything properly. If you read my post you would see it says “email sent to Bulb today”


So I’m still waiting for a response to my email

Hi @DaveDB :wave:

Sorry about that, I have looked through the emails related to your email address.

I can see that my colleague opened a complaint for you on the 21st April - if you wish to add to the complaint or are not happy with the solution suggested then please email back directly to the complaint - so we can keep everything in one place.

If you have emailed in again since, did you email / with your complaint? I cannot see the email that you have copied above - perhaps this sent from a different email address.

Make sure you email from the same email address that you set up your Bulb Account with, otherwise it won’t link to your account.


Are you getting confused with a complaint that I handled on behalf my cousin (who is vulnerable) who lives at Bawtry? if so that’s not my address. No I want someone to tell me what is happening with the resolution arrived at by the ombudsman at my address in Owston Ferry that has been ongoing since November 2020. Still haven’t had a response to my email, which was sent to complaints at Bulb for the attention of “Louisa” sent from the email address on my account.

They missed that part as more important in letting you know they have till the 17th to make something up or drag it out.

Hi @DaveDB

Sorry for the confusion here. My colleague Louisa has received your email and is working alongside the resolution team to complete the remedies that the Ombudsman has decided.

I have been ensured that we will be in touch before the 17th May with all the information you requested, and with the next steps in resolving the account issues.



FAO Louisa

I have noted that £?? has been credited to my energy account, however I have had no contact from the resolutions team as you promised. But that doesn’t come as a surprise, I tend not to believe anything I’m told by your customer service agents anymore. I feel extremely disillusioned and I have extremely low expectations of your level of service. I have on record numerous examples of apologies from your customer service agents for promises being broken and assurances not being met.

In the past, I headed a local authority customer service team managing reactive repairs to 40,000 council houses, so I have extensive experience in this field. If my team had performed in this way, I would have been sacked on the spot. This situation really is unbelievable.

If you are unable to resolve what really is a simple situation to resolve, can you please escalate this to someone who has the authority to do so.

The outstanding issues are :_

You need to credit my account with the difference between what I would have paid had I still been on the E7 tariff and what I’m paying now.

If you are unable to commission the meter remotely, you need to arrange to have it set up (on site) back to a two rate E7 tariff. Can you confirm, how many attempts have you made to try and commission the meter, and when these attempts were made?

It’s now six months since the meter was installed. According to the meter manufacturer, the meter can be set up manually to two rate tariff, so I’m assuming a quick site visit would sort that out?

Hi @DaveDB,

I totally appreciate your frustration here. As you currently have a complaint open with us, I’d recommend continuing via email to keep your correspondence in one place. I’ve asked my colleague to get back to you with an update on this.

The very reason I’m highlighting my difficulties here, is due to the fact that my correspondence by email has been totally without resolution so far.

Aww noo, I don’t think it needs to into the shadows, this is a rare treat, a complaint potentialy seen through to the end, I’d be ashamed and apologetic
to Mr@DaveDB having to go to these lengths to have an issue resolved. Broadcast on live TV by Martin Lewis tw@Jim_at_Bulb. NO SIRREE this show must go on. For one it’ll be embarrassing but potentially win back some hopes for many others like myself who’s complaints just dwindled away didn’t think it’d be so complicated getting my IHD interested but 18 month’s of teasing with feeling so close I gave up, frustrated and unsatisfied so this needs to go all the way, and the show our paying customers how wr all want the same thingthe bulb team show they have those skills in pulling together through to completion with happy endings and satisfied customers :unicorn: :yum: I seen the unicorn first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi both,

Thanks for posting.

@DaveDB I’m sorry that it’s taken us such a long time to get back to your complaint. Now that your smart meters have been fitted, we should be back in touch soon. I’ve just chased my colleague that’s handling this complaint for a response so she should be in touch soon.

@Stephie I’m sorry that your complaint was not answered as well. I have just emailed you so that we can look into any issues with your IHD.

Any questions, please do let us know.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

Don’t bother flogging a dead horse, I’d prefer you spend time on other customer issues than wasting time on my IHD, I’ve tried to get it sorted for over a year and to be completely honest I’m past the point of caring.