Smart Meter only showing gas information

Had a smart meter fitted which only showed gas information, even though the meter is less than 3 meters away from the electricity meter, and closer to the electricity meter than the gas meter. Tried the Bulb ‘fix’ a rew days ago, and the meter still only shows gas information. At this rate it will be going back in the cupboard and not be used! Bulb should not be advising the fitting of smart meters if they don’t work.

Join the club, I think you’ll find plenty of people on here with the same issue. Me included.
Bulb like to fob you off with the std “we will get back to you” email that never surfaces. There’s an obvious issue but still they continue to install the damn things. Hopefully they’ll have it sorted for Christmas but I won’t hold my breath

Hi Guys, i’m really sorry for the smart issues you are experiencing. Have you read our blog update? .

It’s a step in the right direction, just a pity it’s taken so long to get such a reply together…we wait with anticipation.