Smart Meter only showing Gas usage

Hi, I had a smart meter installed on Friday and it only displays gas usage - only just found this forum ( and forum on MSE ) and realise that this has been happening since last May! Need someone to either fix the IHD or remove it.

The IHD isn’t required for the smart meters to do their basic job of sending meter readings to the supplier. You’re free to remove the IHD yourself by unplugging it and chucking it in a drawer until such time as it might work, whenever Bulb might sort that out.


Or the recycling bin depending on what sort of mood your in


So the ‘smart’ meter is communicating with Bulb but not with the IHD?

If the way their sorting gas pricing is indicative we could be waiting a long time.
Longer than “soon” anyways

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Yes it seems that’s the case

It could be doing neither, but the two problems are independent and one not working doesn’t necessarily impact the other. Have you seen any smart readings appear in your Bulb account?