Smart Meter only shows Gas. Bulbs final response: "we are waiting for an update from the Smart Meter company. We have no date for this update"

It has now been months since my meter was installed. Never has it once shown electricity.

Bulb - before you reply saying “let us look in to this for you” and “have you tried the reset”.

You already have looked into it and yes, I have reset it and had it reset by your team time and time again. It makes no difference. Last time the conclusion of this complaint was as per the topic title: “We are waiting on an update and we don’t know when it will come”.

Is this seriously what’s happening? How can an energy company possibly be installing meters that don’t work without an update and having no idea from their Smart Meter partners when it will be resolved. It’s rediculous.


Hi @DEvans :wave: :sun_with_face:

I can see this has been raised with our smart team and they have tried to commission the electricity meter however we require a software update from the Smart Manufacturers - DCC.

We are sorry this has affected you however we have done everything we can do and now need to wait for an update.

In the meantime, since your electric meter isn’t commissioned, we cannot receive your automatic readings. We’ll need you to submit manual readings for now, otherwise we’ll have to estimate your statements. You can do this in the same way as before, by clicking “Submit a meter reading” in your Bulb Account.
If you’re not sure how to take manual readings, please follow our guide.

If the engineer left you an In-Home display, it won’t show your usage data. If you haven’t received one, we can post one to you once we have connected your meter to the Smart network.

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I have just had my meter installed Monday 8th February 2021. engineer handed over the smart meter and left. Not long after only Gas…
48hrs on… still not working reported online… step guide… now awaiting. :timer_clock:
However, I strongly feel that this will only read Gas and not Electricity. Not the end of the world … But sure as hell not smart.

@DEvans I feel your pain.


Mel - yes, this is what I have already been told.

So why are bulb fitting smart meters they know don’t work pending an update they have no date for?

I am also having trouble - last week my smart meter fitting failed and the electricity was arching causing a complete blackout - I had to phone 105 and western power came out and did the whole job again as the meter fitting was completely inadequate one of the wires going into the carrier started melting due to the wire not being screwed down properly. The company that fitted it - Morrison’s data services - said this was a cat 1 error, still being investigated. I haven’t had any meter readings submitted to bulb by my smart meter. My last meter reading was done by me in September and I didn’t realise my smart meter wasn’t working as I don’t turn the monitor on - you don’t need to. I live in an area with no mobile phone signal so the engineer that fitted it knows this as the monitor wasn’t working when he left - and failed to tell me.
I have also heard on the grapevine bulb is going bust - maybe this is because there meters don’t work …

Hi @jodie_thompson1989,

Welcome to Community :wave: I’m sorry to hear that there have been some issues with getting your smart meter connected onto the wider smart network. I have taken a look into your account now, and can see that there is a complaint raised with my colleague regarding this matter currently.

I have sent him a message now to notify him that you have been in touch, and he should be able to get back to you regarding the complaint as soon as he can. In the meantime, I would recommend uploading regular meter readings whenever you can via your Bulb account, as I can see that the last time we received an accurate reading was September, and the bills that have generated since this date have been based on estimated readings. You are able to submit your readings here:

This is also a super useful guide that I myself use sometimes when it comes to reading meters, so please do have a read through if needed:

I hope this helps! My colleague should also be in touch with you soon :slightly_smiling_face: - Diana

How do I submit a meter read with a smart meter?

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Hey @jodie_thompson1989,

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Diana already sent you our guide on how to read your meter. Do let us know if you’re having issues reading your meter :relaxed:

Totally agree @DEvans . I’ve been experiencing exactly the same issue. Surely Bulb should be able to get an answer from their Smart Meter company on when such a fundamentally important ‘update’ could be expected. Sounds more to me like the system simply does not work and nobody has any idea what to do about it. From these community boards, it is clear that this is hardly an isolated problem. It’s far from helpful when you are then told to ‘follow our step by step guide’ and ‘turn it off and turn it on again’.

@DEvans I have the same frustrations. My smart meters were fitted in April 2019. Still no working IHD.
The thing doesn’t connect.
As bulb staff have mentioned on here, a firmware update for the IHD would fix it.
What nobody seems to acknowledge is that the IHD has to connect in the first place for the update to happen - mine doesn’t stay on for it to get an update. There’s been several updates since I got mine, and mine is still on the same firmware version since it was installed.
Yet nobody at Bulb wants to acknowledge that. Apparently there’s nothing they can do - they can’t replace it (god knows why, it’s clearly faulty). They can’t force an update. They can’t speak to the “SmartDCC” because they’re a big scary company that nobody can contact. They can’t answer questions when I ask them. They can’t give info because they don’t seem to have it or know how to get it.
The whole thing is hopeless.
All they can do is offer me a deadlock letter for a complaint with the ombudsman, which just means bulb wash their hands of the issue and never reply to me, because their official stance then is “we can only reply via the portal, please wait for updates on there”.

Wish I’d looked at all this chat before going ahead with installation - mine’s only been in for just over a week and still no gas reading. I have been told (via automated email) that they hope to get it fixed by this summer - but that seems highly unlikely given the comments in this thread. How can Bulb still be encouraging customers to switch when they know the things don’t work as advertised?

Hey @Winterboy2 - it looks like this issue may be coming from the fact we’re missing some info from your smart meter exchange. I’ve updated this manually for you now, so hopefully over the next few weeks your smart meter should start connecting as expected. Let me know if this isn’t the case.


Hi Georgie - still no readings from my gas meter and my last bill showed an estimate for gas so whatever was done at your end hasn’t worked. Please give me an update on fixing my problem. Thanks

Hey @Winterboy2, sorry about this! I’ve just sent you an email now, please get back to me there when you can.


Same problem here only my monitor only registers electricity not gas, showed both for the first day but then gas usage vanished, Bulb said they would fix it overnight, but failed, then told my there had been a problem when it was installed and the gas meter wasn’t commissioned, if that is true then a) how did it work for the first day and b) how can I get my gas usage on a daily basis or even an hourly basis via my account online. Have contacted Bulb many times but waiting for a response is like waiting for paint to dry. Perhaps it’s time Bulb came clean and admitted they are fitting smart meters/monitors that don’t work

Hi @IanAsh, :wave:

Firstly, thanks for getting involved with our community, we really appreciate the feedback that you’ve given.

I am really sorry to hear that your In Home Display is only showing your electricity usage. I am afraid that there are a few things that can go wrong with IHDs, so we need to try a few fixes. I do appreciate your patience on this so far.

I can see that you should have already tried this, but the first port of call would be to try this when your IHD isn’t showing both fuels:

I am going to raise a complaint for you, as your IHD should be working. I will send you email confirmation of this shortly and we can stay in touch from now on.

I am very sorry for the stress caused by this.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

@DEvans and @ryan4257 My smart meters were installed in June 2019 and although the electricity smart meter is needed for communication, since that time, only the Gas meter has ever been able to communicate properly with the IHD and bulb.

Following my saga ( and I too had an ombudsman complaint upheld, have received both compensation and an apology (despite the Electricity Smart Meter not working I was unable to submit manual readings). So after all this time I still don’t have either a fix or a timeline for a fix.

It’s a shame that my IHD doesn’t capture both gas and electricity, because when it works, like the experience of friends living in different parts of the city, it works seamlessly. But when it doesn’t it’s just a nightmare. Thankfully I can submit manual readings but I would prefer the data rich experience that comes from understanding your personal utility consumption.

Hi @Chrysaliskiss,

Thanks for rejoining community, it’s great to see you posting again.

We understand this is really frustrating, especially when we’ve looked down several different avenues to get this to work. I understand that we’ve tried one comms hub reboot, which although successful, didn’t manage to get the electric meter readings to automatically process onto the account.

I’ve raised this again with the smart team to just check if there’s been any further updates from our end and I’ll send you an email with their response.

Let me know if you have any other questions at all.

Freya @ Bulb

Hi. can I just add if these metres/IHDs are not working right then something is faulty and should be replaced either by Bulb or the manufacturers.

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I have similar issue, My smart meter was installed in October 2020, and couple of weeks it was all good but after that Gas meter readings have stopped displaying. I reached out to bulb, unfortunately no response at all. I can’t even submit meter readings manually. its so frustrating to know how a energy supplier is not bothered about faulty meters. Bulb should atleast try to get the manual entry fixed as a fall back… it adds more frustration when they don’t respond for complaints