Smart meter only shows gas


My smart meter was installed about 3 weeks ago, the engineer said at the time that the Electricity wasn’t connecting but sometimes it would take 2 days.

I waited a week, but nothing. Have reset the display many times over. I have been through the troubleshooting via the Bulb account multiple times where it says it ‘resets’ the connection but this makes no difference after waiting several days.

Anything else I can do or do I have to wait for an engineer to come out?

Hi @DEvans, firstly welcome to Bulb community :wave:

I have taken a look at your meter configuration and made a couple of adjustments, to ensure that we can get these smart meters readings through on our system, as this is necessary for us to display your usage on your IHD too.

I have also reset your IHD using the same connection reset method that you have previously have done. This should get your usage showing on your IHD, but if this isn’t showing in 48 hours’ time, let us know and we can look further into this for you.

Thanks, I’lll let you know next time I’m home to check on the meter.

@louie66 yet again a failed installation that you are trying to fix remotely. Yet you can’t fix mine or @Vip remotely. We are both left in limbo with no fix imminent at all.

Lou -

It did not work. Reset my IHD but still no electricity.

Guess I’m SoL getting this sorted as you don’t seem to be booking engineers to repair faulty setups?

Hi @DEvans, I’ve raised this with my colleague on the Smart team to be seen what can be done about this, as it appears that we are getting through readings for your gas but not your electricity.

@Tigermad, unfortunately the issue we are experiencing with your meter cannot be fixed remotely, as you’ve said. We are aware of the issue and we’re currently working on the fix for this, and once this is ready, we will need to send an engineer out to solve this.

@Vip, I can see that my colleague requested another comms hub reboot for your meter a couple of days ago so fingers crossed, this should get your readings coming through again :crossed_fingers:

Yes, as I said, the electricity reading is not working. You “raised this with your colleague” 23 days ago but I have not heard a peep from you nor anyone else. Do Bulb actually intend to rectify this?

I guess that’s a “no, if it isn’t a simple fix we start ignoring your posts”?

Bulb communicate like a sullen teenager… :laughing:

Hey @DEvans, we’re really sorry for the delay in getting back to you. :pensive: I can see that your case has been updated so I will pop you an email now with an update. :+1: