"Smart Meter" or not that is the question

I had a smart meter fitted in August and it still doesn’t work, I have contacted Bulb on several occasions and have not had any help or any idea if it will ever work, plus before it was fitted I wasn’t told I would lose my Economy 7 tariff so it is now going to cost me more, my meter readings are not automatic and when I send them they are questioned because they are less than before (new meter). I am trying to be careful with Energy usage ,that was the idea of fitting a smart meter, Doesn’t seem like Bulb care ,once your a customer to hell with you. I will be switching to another supplier .

Ditto! Cannot supply actual readings as the App/Website is still showing my old meter and thus I’m getting Electricity bills on estimated readings against a non existent meter!
NB: Not bothered about losing E7 as the price difference is not that much based on my usage. Told Bulb this but they seem unable to adjust their systems to show both this and the new meter details :frowning:

Eek never thought of that, I’m in the same situation but haven’t tried submitting readings, which of course started from 0 when the meters changed.

I wouldn’t be bothered either under normal circumstances but I keep Tropical fish and my tanks have heaters and filters running 24/7, the point I am annoyed about is they didn’t tell me before they changed my meter, I haven’t had a proper bill now since August, I am very worried , am i going to get a big bill in the future.

Yes mate and when you submit a reading they say ,“this reading cant be right send photos of the meter” I have not had a bill for 3 months ,expecting a shock soon.

3 months? You’ve got more patience that I would have in that situation… I’d be well into an official complaint to the ombudsman by that point.

Hopefully it’ll work out. Taking readings and producing correct bills is after all the entire purpose of companies like Bulb.

“We will be in touch in 90 days” was what they told me when they installed my smart meter. That’s was 125 days ago.

I’m manually inputting readings and uploading photographs every month.

I’ve not got the ‘energy reader’ thing as there’s no incoming signal or something and they need to fit a box outside of my house.

Again, any emails I send are ignored (3 so far) and phone calls just tell me you wait for an update.

Its terrible isn’t it ? There must be something we can do, any ideas?
Whats the box thing?

In that case a single rate will likely be better for you anyway. Multi rate tariffs such as E7 are only any good if you use the majority of your power during the cheapest rate (i.e., overnight).

I have given up. My smart meter was installed in May 2019 and they still can’t get it to work, so I just have to supply readings.

Hey @C_b unfortunately we’re currently unable to process remote gas meter commissionings and are working with the smart network and meter manufacturer to set up a more successful process for doing this, on the relatively rare occasion that the engineer isn’t able to connect the gas meter to the smart network on the day of the meter exchange.

I appreciate that it’s frustrating having to continue with manual readings in the meantime.