smart meter payment, new account & granularity

Hi, I’m not a Bulb Customer (So Energy Gopher for Electricity & Gas) but am near end of my contract. I am looking at Bulb due to environmental approach. I assume if I move I would get a SMETS2 meter at some point, who pays for installation? Is there an option for an internal circuit monitor to give greater granularity? Is this available from Bulb too?

Also what impact, if any, would meter installation have on Bulb’s commitment to pay exit charge?

Im not from bulb but can answer some of the questions for you;
SMETS2 meters are the only ones bulb will be doing, they are aiming to start doing these by the middle of 2018. The installation is free.
Meter installation has no impact on the pay exit fee, they’ll pay this.

The other question i can’t answer, so a bulb staff member will need to answer that. Hopefully i’ve helped a little!

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Bulb are a great company and i’d highly recommend them!

@tom6685 thanks for the help! Yep, installation is free and won’t impact the exit fee refund.

@antonyfry Great that you’re considering Bulb, thanks!

I am afraid we are all a little at a loss on what an “internal circuit monitor” is… If you are after an in-home display which shows live how much energy you are using, then we will be installing these with our smart meters.

Any more questions just shout :slight_smile: