Smart Meter Please

Could you add me to the list for a smart reader please

Hi @benjamin ofcourse :slight_smile: you’re added

Could you please add me as well? Currently, in order to get the meter reading, I have to visit concierge, get the key, come back to the apartment, take the reading, and then return the key to the concierge. We are not allowed to have keys from the meters for whatever reason.

what is the wait time for the smart meters?

Hi @dremora sure thing I can put you on our list, sounds like your concierge might prefer you get a smart meter too!

@benjamin the wheels are in motion and we will be running the trial from Jan 2018.


Please could you add me to the list too? Thanks

Hey @50poundsforswitching , of course. I’ve just added you :slight_smile:

Hi Bulbies!

Could I get on this fancy list too? =)


Hi @woofski, I have added you to the list, have an awesome weekend :bee: