smart meter problem

Hi, we had the smart meter installed by Siemens on behalf of Bulb on 5 th April 19,
for both gas and electricity, The problem we are having is that we can only display
the Gas reading on the inside display unit even though the inside unit is sighted
on the inside wall next to the electricity meter, and yes there is a good signal on the
meter. We have tried resetting the unit but we still can’t get an electrical reading.
Any Ideas ?

I have exactly the same issue, but mines only been in 24 hours. I think there is a general problem at bulb.

Correction. There is a general problem at Bulb.

I quote from Bulb Support.

Unfortunately as this is an error that we don’t know how long it’ll take to resolve our smart team will do their best to solve it within 8 weeks and contact you when they have a solution.

I’m going to close this chat now, but please let me know if you’d like to re-open it by pinging a question back my way.

Thankyou Paul. As a result of your info, we have now been placed on a waiting list for an engineer to visit
when they have the remedy for the fault. Cheers !

Continuing saga: the IHD then worked fine for a couple of weeks but the reading then froze - I’ve reset the IHD a couple of times now but it’s still “Waiting for current data”. Interesting article here re EDF that may explain the attitude of Bulb which seems simply to be to get ‘smart meters’ installed, regardless of whether it (in conjunction with the IHD, which after all was the promise made to customers) works reliably. I also thought that previously you could scroll up and down these comments but it now seems to be limited to a single page? Is this more suppressing of the issue by Bulb who are telling the press that the “majority of installations” work fine - I’m not convinced about that. I’ve had enough of this BS so will switch suppliers asap.