Smart meter problem

Hi is anybody else having problems with there smart meter showing “ waiting for current data “ stopped working 10 days ago. Had it installed in May & no problems till now.
Did the reset to no avail, twice. Went on the app which told me my Electricity wasn’t showing up on my bill.
I then got in touch by phone after waiting all day for them to phone me back. The girl I spoke to had no idea what to say or do with this problem only that bulb are doing a fix everywhere, so I said there must be a lot of problems all round with there smart meters, she agreed…didn’t give me much hope, but told me to do the reset again, and to give her my electricity readings from the new meter in my cupboard that I was so pleased to be getting rid of.
She just didn’t have a clue, couldn’t answer any of my questions, I asked her, would Bulb be sending out an engineer to rectify this problem, she said they would not as it’s a problem that this so called fix can do from home. Well Bulb this has not worked for me.
Hope I get a reply from someone knows what they are talking about.

I got a response on Trustpilot saying that they would roll out a fix for non working IHD’s in the next few months!

I was told this a few months ago. Is there a real day being offered as to when they will either be repaired or replaced?