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My electric meter is difficult to access, so sending a meter reading every month is a bit of a pain! Is it not possible to link to my previous providers Smart meter?

Hi @mobeale57 :wave:,

Thanks for your message.

If you have a second generation smart meter then we should be able to connect to it, if it is a first generation smart meter then we wouldn’t be able to pick up readings just yet. This is because when you switch suppliers they disconnect from the smart network. There should be improvements to the whole smart network this year to re-enroll these early generation meters.

If we can’t connect to your meter then we can send out a meter reader to visit every 3 months to take a reading (these jobs are suspended at the moment due to Covid-19 but we can still add you to this service for when it resumes).

I’m going to send you an email and see what kind of meter you have and if we can read it.

Previously working SMETS 2 setup no longer working. Why?

  1. Botched over the air software update?
  2. Wireless network communication fault?
  3. Just plain broken?
  4. Has gone into self isolation due to coronavirus?

Can I go through a reset sequence to get it going again (cntl,alt,delete)?

You forgot to put the sheer incompetance of bulb as an option

Yes that did cross my mind. It seems that no one at Bulb is technically competent.


Hi @IBUM370,

Thanks for your message.

For smart meters there’s often a few different details we need to look at to work out the root of the issue. It is very unlikely to be broken but it may have disconnected from the smart network if your statements are also not showing smart readings anymore.

If you get in touch with us here we will be able to look at your account for you.


Why is it always down to the customer to get in touch with you and tell you something isn’t working? Your systems know what incoming data are expected. If an account isn’t showing smart readings any more shouldn’t it automatically raise an alert on your monitoring system so that a human can look at it, and quite possibly fix it, before the customer even notices?


I used to manage systems and networks for a largw PLC. In our office we had display of all the nodes on the network. Any problem would show up and we would take action to fix it before the end user knew there was a problem. Why this doesn’t happen for so called smart meters is beyond belief.


your presuming they have a monitoring system that actually works

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Our systems had monitoring designed in. The shanbles that is smart metering wouldn’t appear to have a monitoring system.

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This is more down to bulbs incompetence than it is “smart” meters in general, most companies cope with the technology quite well, it’s just if there is a difficult way to do something bulb will; go “the extra mile to find it”
bulb do have a monitoring system it’s called “customer”, they call in when something is amiss and bulb do their best to make a complete bahooky of it

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My smart meter at the end of last month was showing usage of £57. So with standing charges applied would be £70 tops. Got bill of just over £100 so I’d say bulbs smart meters are shocking. Now the meter has completed switched of and won’t pick up wifi signal. I’ve now lost faith in bulbs whole billing system and will be changing suppliers to someone more reliable.

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Reply from Bulb: " I’ll get a request sent over to reconnect this but it can take 3-4 weeks to update and start sending readings again."
I will jump ship if I could find a more technically competent smart meter energy company. The problem is there are no league tables of smart meter competence.

Guys Understand the frustration. but can I clarify
Smart Meter do you mean the little IHD that talks to the meter in the cupboard.
Or is the meter itself giving problems.
I dont understand if its the little display meter that sends the meter readings to Bulb as the installer said it was the meter, that used its own network so no need to even have the IHD on or connected to our own wifi.
My IHD is stuck in the rebooting mode

It’s the communications hub attached to the electricity meter that handles the uplink to the DCC network. You’re right, it’s not necessary to have an IHD connected or switched on for the readings to get to the supplier. The uplink is done via either mobile data using the cellular network (like your smartphone) in “the south”, and via a dedicated long-range radio network in “the north”.

However, an IHD that’s not working is sometimes indicative of other faults that will cause the readings to not be uploaded properly.

Hi @IBUM370, I can see a communications hub reboot has been requested for your SMART meter. So hopefully everything will be sorted out for you very soon.

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue with bulb? I’m a new customer only a month in, I’ve paid an up front payment before any usage with them, but my main concern is their opening estimated metre readings, despite giving them the metre readings.
They are charging me 972 units of electric which has already been paid through my last supplier, I have sent a copy of my final bill and a photos of the smart metre readings, but they are now refusing to accept the smart metre readings, even though they have just generated their latest bill from the smart metre readings which I uploaded to them only a few days ago, but now I am challenging the discrepancy From the estimated reading, they are now saying they can’t accept the smart metre readings, and I don’t have the keys for the external meter boxes,
It doesn’t alter the fact their starting point is from where my last supplier finished and they don’t seem to understand that.
Any advice please

Don’t hold your breath. They are absolutely useless. Don’t want to help, fob you off with all kinds of excuses, well over estimated bills and put your account into debit…

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Hi @wendydoherty2,

At the moment I can see you have sent pictures of the IHD rather than the meter and the account has been opened on industry estimates from our end so we do need to make sure we’re seeing readings from the actual meters if possible.

You have a first generation smart meter which means we won’t be able to pick up the readings remotely as these meters are only compatible with the installing suppliers so it’s important that you are able to access your meters to read them.

I can see you’ve been emailing a colleague of mine following a chat conversation about this, I’ll see if he can get back to you today.

Hi Chloe
I’ve emailed you back but thought I’d respond on here also.
Regardless of what generation my meter is the in home display is still connected to the outside meters and is giving me the meter readings required. I have explained numerous times about not having keys for the outside boxes, meaning I have no access, which was explained to the sales guy before I committed to the transfer. He assured me this wouldn’t be a problem giving the fact my in home smart meter display unit is giving the information required.
Added to this I supplied an opening meter reading on 11th March while still under my old supplier, I have a confirmation email confirming this. Yet these readings haven’t been used and an estimated reading was generated.
My other problem is you have just used the readings I sent in from my in house display unit to generate this first bill, so Bulb are happy to accept the readings for that but not when I’m proving my open estimating readings are incorrect and by a lot, that’s a little contradictory.
The bill/statement is way out with its usage which is what has prompted me to try and get this matter resolved before we go any further.
Seeing as I have also provided Bulb with my final bill from my old supplier showing my final meter readings, it is proof enough that you estimated reading is incorrect.
I am only a month in with Bulb and this level of service is very alarming, to not even to be able to get this very basic issue resolved after so many conversations with different advisors does not fill me with confidence and I don’t feel I can continue with Bulb as my current supplier.
With all this said I wish to now raise a formal complaint before I take this issue to the ombudsman.
I look forward to to your response on the matter
Kind regards
Wendy Doherty