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If this is truly the Bulb official line then the company is more doomed than I expected.

Like it or not you’re a tech company in the age of Big Data. You need to plan for this.

Just so you know, I used to advise massive blue chip companies, at the IT board level, on IT things.

Please understand that I know that this is simply a policy decision. Perhaps Bulb’s policy is being decided through inaction or a combination of other reasons. That is still a decision.

Other companies are making different choices.

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Hi there, to clarify a couple things, what my colleague Sam is referring to is smart meter readings that we use for generating statements. You can set your smart meter to send us readings every day or every half an hour through this link: Bulb account

You can then also monitor/analyse that data through this link: Bulb account

I use that dashboard and I already set my interval to 1/2 hour.

The dashboard only displays daily costs in pounds. My dashboard is still not updating for gas. I would like kWh usage in 1/2 hour increments. Otherwise what is the point of sending you more frequent data?

Where does bulb directly provide access to my 1/2 hourly data?

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Ok so, the energy usage graph only displays in pounds what the usage is, not in KWH. If you scroll down on this page, it should display all the different readings that are coming through but it doesn’t work it out for you what the unit increase is, like it does with pounds on the graph.

At home, I have an IHD3 PPMID and you can for electricity see what the usage is per hour in KWH and pounds. However, to record this would be a more manual process.

If you have more questions about this, I would suggest you take advantage of our Q&A this week with Chris from our smart data team. Here is the link to this thread: Q&A with Chris from Smart Data - #6 by farid.sarwari

Finally, I’ve also emailed you about your gas readings so I can look into your particular case.

These different readings are the once-a-month ones used to calculate my bill.

Manually reading the IHD is no better than having a dumb meter.

I could do all this is before without my smart meter. This is the opposite of revolutionary.


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The outcome of looking into my case? Bulb can’t fix it within a couple of weeks, so they are not going to bother.

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Mine was supposedly fixed but is only showing 2 manual readings. It was changed to a daily reading. I haven’t received a statement since January.

Awaiting response from previous emails sent about excessive gas usage compared to remote display. Dave Penfold.

Bulb’s billing system is utterly broken. Since leaving the 3-rate smart tariff, and subsequently switching away from Bulb, I haven’t had a correct bill since November. They’ve now said that they’re unable to bill on the smart tariff properly and so they’re going to bill me just for R1 since November, and I’m getting R2 and R3 for free. Great for me personally, but shocking for the company overall. And yet they still think they’re going to roll out the smart tariff into production 3 months from now at the end of June? Like the beta trial went so well?

I’m just glad they managed to reconfigure my meter back to single rate before my switch to :octopus: completed.

Hi @dave_penfold, thank for letting us know. I can see you have spoken to an advisor on the phone today who I believe as given you an answer and sent you a follow up email to this. Please let me know if you have any other questions, or you can send a direct reply to the email my colleague has sent you. - Sam

A few days after I switched supplier - as part of that new supplier’s normal process - I had working gas and electricity meters. 1/2 hourly usage data. Just like I wanted.

Had our Smart meter installed in August 2018.

We have not had one meter reading sent back to bulb!!! They seem to incompetent to fix any issues. Have sent several emails and had lots of online chats. They talk about reboots and signals, but have not fixed anything!

So much for smart meters.

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Hi @a1dutch :wave:,

If it’s a first generation smart meter installed by another supplier then, unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to pick up meter readings.

There’s an industry wide effort to get all first generation smart meters enrolled on to the centralised smart network, and when this work is complete your meters will become smart again. We’re also waiting for updates on this, but we expect it to happen this year. In the meantime, you can take manual readings from your smart meters by following the instructions here: How to read your meter – Bulb

If it is a second generation smart meter then we should be able to pick up readings.

I’ll send you an email and we’ll see what kind of smart meter it is and how to proceed. :email:

It’s a SMET2 meter installed by bulb

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@a1dutch I’ve just emailed you, I need to confirm some security details to open your account and have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve emailed you back but have got no response.

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Hi @a1dutch,

Sorry for the delay, I’ve got back to you this morning, it’s with our smart team for now so waiting to hear back from those guys first.

I’ve had the same trouble. First bill is waaay too much, and getting no support whatsoever! They want me to send videos of readings, but videos won’t upload. Now stopped answering my emails. It is just adding to the stress of lockdown, and causing me to have panic attacks

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