Smart meter question

When bulb offer to install SMART meters are they or the company they use installing SMET1 or SMET2 meters this is quite an interesting point as SMET1 have had problems not connecting to new suppliers. There is also problems with converted SMET1 meters.

Something we may all need to know in the future.
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Although SMETS version 1 meters might be converted to the SMETS version 2 specification, most will have to be replaced. Imagine how long that is going to take?

You see, once you have your smart meters installed, even though they will be SMETS version 1, you have helped fulfil the Governments’ pledge, even though your meters will become obsolete in early 2018 when the SMETS 2 specification and Government data network is rolled out.

So are smart meters ok ?

Bulb only install smets2 meters

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Are new or converted ones ?

Shiny, brand spanking new ones, but if they function 100% correctly is a whole different ballgame

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How can you tell if your meter is a SMETS 1 or a SMETS 2 electricity only meter?

Your meter, regardless if smets1/2 will either be electricity or gas, cannot be both fuels!
If your meter/s were installed pre march 2019, probably smets1 (unless they were installed by bulb).
If your still unsure ask you elect/gas supplier

Thanks & noted. I appreciated that. I was only trying to make clear which type I was referring to. :wink: Installed by Bulb.

Blub only install smets2, in which case bulb should be getting readings automatically.
If not your meters have not been commisioned properly, surprise, surprise!

Lets hope your right there are so many things that can go wrong but hopefully they have cracked it :slight_smile:

Yes, it has ever since it was installed.

Hi @cherryp47 :wave:

We only install SMETS 2 smart meters. SMETS 2 should have no problems when switching between suppliers.


Thanks for clear answer and noted.