Smart Meter Questions

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I moved into a new build property in October which came fitted with Smart Meters and have just completed my switch to Bulb.

On my account I can see my electricity usage but not my gas, for the gas it reads;

We can’t automatically read your gas meter, so you’ll still have to submit meter readings.

First question - Will this change? The meters are Landis and Gyr E470 & G470.

My second question - Can I source an IHD for these meters? We didn’t receive any with the property.

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I’ve done a little more research on this and it seems both my smart meters are SMETS2 Zigbee certified and should work with the Chameleon IHD6. How could I get one of these and set it up?

It should do, eventually. Your grandchildren might live long enough to see it happen (resolving “smartness” issues is messy and slow and doesn’t seem particularly high-priority in the industry).

Another area where the whole system is rotten. If no IHD was supplied with the meter (or was lost or broken or thrown away [!]), there’s no obligation on energy suppliers to provide a replacement. And there doesn’t currently seem to be a mechanism for 3rd-party sourcing or supply.

Thank you for taking the time to reply Steve.

I’ve no intention of leaving bulb as I like the clarity around payments, billing and referrals but I assume these same challenges exist with other energy suppliers?

It certainly looks that way.

Hey @cbryson84, welcome to Community! :wave:

A quick question - do you know if the previous supplier who installed the meters had commissioned the gas meter (ie. were they receiving smart readings from the gas meter?).

If you let me know this, I can see what we can do to get this sorted.

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Thank you Georgie.

Yes the previous supplier were taking readings from the gas meter. Would be great if this can be resolved.