Smart meter rate doesn’t match my bill


My smart meter has not been turned on since it was installed (long story). I’ve just set up today and noticed the tariff on the smart meter differs significantly to what I’m paying.

The meter only shows electricity (not gas yet).

The rate on the smart meter says 12.52p (I assume per KWh).
My latest bill states its 17.4390

Please could some advise?


Hi @CautiousLip :wave:

Sorry you’ve been having issues with this. Do you mean the tariff on your in-home display (IHD) or actual smart meter isn’t showing correctly?

According to your account, the gas meter is non-smart and the electricity is SMETS1, so it is unlikely that the IHD would actually work.

Cara :bulb:


It’s the smart meter that’s not showing correctly. The actual meter doesn’t show a cost.

Also, is it possible to upgrade the smart meter ?


Hey @CautiousLip

On your meter have you scrolled through the screens? Information further to your readings should be available if you go through them. Let us know if you can’t find them still!

We wouldn’t replace your smart meter as it’s SMETS1 meaning a first generation meter- these were originally only ‘smart’ with the installing supplier but over the year we’ve started to enroll them onto the smart network. This means yours should become ‘smart’ with us in a short while! :blush: