Smart meter rates what are they?

I have the old SMETS1 meter installed by British Gas and it is asking if I want to switch to the SMART TARIFF BETA? What are the three rates on that tariff and would it be cheaper to switch to it?

For tariff cost see here:

As to if it’s cheaper to move to it, that’s impossible for anyone to say since it’s entirely dependent on your personal usage profile.

When I go through the tariffs for the Yorkshire region it states 12.68p, 26.15p, 8.65p plus the prices include VAT but later through the application it says 13.15p, 27.84p, 8.58p with the same 20.44p daily charge. A difference of 0.47p per Kwh off peak, 1.69 per Kwh peakrate and 0.07p less per Kwh.
Overall a marginal difference when compared to the price of 13.7p, with VAT, as now but for three hours a day when I have my main meal the 27.84p would more than make up for the lower 13.15p or the night time 8.58p rates so I am undecided as to whether to switch. Then there is the fact I might move soon if the council find me a 1 bed flat and I might have the old dumb meter setup again.