Smart meter reading abnormal in last 2 months.

I am wondering if my electric smart meter needs checking. Last month I only used £13 of electricity when it’s always been around the £40 mark since joining bulb last October. This months reading is now showing £63 used. I have not added anything new to my electricity supply. I then put my washing on as normal this morning and my red light on the smart meter would not extinguish like it used to do, meaning off an on when the washing machine heated up the water, it just stayed constant red and when I looked at the meter itself it was flashing so fast I lost count. I pressed 9 to go through the sequence and the light went out and so did the smart meter display red light too. Now a steady green since.
It has never done this before so I am starting to think the meter needs looking at. I looked at the install date and that was 2017 under EON install.
Has anyone had this problem lately and do I need to contact Bulb or shall I let it go for a few more months to see if the readings get better again.
Thanks in advance, Lisa.