Smart Meter Reading seems incorrect

Can someone help? I’ve had a Smart meter installed 3 days ago. The first day when it was plugged in it showed 0.02 and so on until it started building up. My usual monthly usage is around £80 and I just have electric. So I set my daily budget in the screen to £2.58. When I looked in the morning yesterday it was showing £1.85 and this morning £2.94 so it doesn’t seem to be resetting back each day. I thought it would reset at midnight and start showing the new days usage against budget? I’ve looked in the instruction manual from Bulb and have tried everything. Thanks

Hi @stevep1965 :wave:

Is there any chance that your In-Home Display is currently set to show you your weekly usage rather than the daily usage? If you can’t see it reset each day, it suggests it’s not showing daily usage from the smart meter.

If you haven’t looked through here already, this page has some great resources on navigating through the screens and settings of your IHD. Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I can email you to investigate further.

-Luke :bulb: