smart meter reading

if i join how would you read my meters as they are smart meters .

Hey there @brian49 , thanks for sending in your question. At the moment, we can’t take direct readings from smart meters provided by other suppliers. We understand this isn’t so “smart” and the industry is looking to make future smart meters more compatible with various suppliers.

There are no concrete plans yet but we are looking to run a smart meter trial around the summer of this year. If you do decide to join, just send us an email (or even reply here) and we can add you to the list :slight_smile:

add me please

@warrenb, you’ve been added :slight_smile:

I am currently switching to bulb and have a smart meter from a previous supply. Can I sign up to the trial as well please?

Hey @spiket, of course you can. Great to hear that you’re switching to Bulb. Just to let you know, final numbers of members that can go on the trial haven’t been finalised but we’ll let you know as soon as there are any updates.

Hi, I am already a customer of bulb and previously had smart meters fitted from my previous energy supplier. It is a bit frustrating to have to keep manually submitting meter readings. I’d like to join your trial in the summer please. Thanks,

Hi @kevlong I understand that this must be a huge pain after getting the chance to relax and not have to manually send them anymore, I’ve made sure that you’re on that trial list for another one!

@evie can you please add me to your smart meter trial if able to as I have an electric one from my old supplier too.

@james110 - I have popped you on the list :slight_smile: