Smart meter reading.

When sending present electricity reading it asks for two readings but I’m not on Economy 7. How do I get round this.

Hey there, it might be a case that you have 2 readings and you didn’t realise it (some meters are a bit different to either single rate or E7).

You’ll need to press a button on your smart meter to show the reading. On a single-rate electricity meter, or a gas meter, try pressing number ‘9’, or button ‘A’.

On a two rate electricity meter, it’s button number ‘6’.

On the electricity meter, you are looking for ‘IMP KWH’ or ‘IMP R01 and IMP R02’ followed by the reading.

On the gas meter, you are looking for the prompt ‘Meter index’, or ‘Volume,’ followed by the m3 reading.

There’s further information in this article: How-do-I-read-my-meter-

If you’re still struggling, please send us a photo of your meter so that we can have a look at it, and we can advise you on how to read it.

Team Bulb