Smart meter readings 2022

Since around the 24th January my meter readings have stopped getting updated in the app , anyone else having this? Not working in the Web site either :confused:. Was using this to keep track of usage

Hi @r.merrett

Thank you for posting and welcome to community! :wave:t4:

We’re really sorry you’ve had a poor experience with Bulb, it certainly doesn’t meet the standards of service that we aim to deliver.

From reviewing your account I can see that you have a 1st generation smart meter. For this type of meter some members are currently experiencing an error on their usage graph.

You should still be able to see your daily usage for now however our smart team are working on a fix and it should be resolved in the next few weeks.

Once again we apologise for any inconveniences caused and if you have any other questions then please do let me know.

–Suki :hibiscus: