Smart meter readings and bill

Hi, I had a smart meter installed in September/October. I was then charged the wrong electricity tariff (single rate rather than night and day) for two months as the meter was not distinguishing between night and day use. Have contacted multiple times and was about to get an updated and backdated bill as the meter began sending off the correct readings. Haven’t heard back for a few weeks. Since my last contact, the meter has stopped uploading meter readings all together! Any help would be great!

Hi @jackhooper1 :wave:

Sorry to hear about the issues you have been having after your smart meter install.

I have contacted my colleague that is speaking with you via email, to ask that they get back to you asap with a solution. I see that it’s been quite a while since you heard from them.

In the meantime, I can see that the meter is still sending us readings, but they are not being added to your account due to a problem with the meter number that we have on the system. I will get that sorted for you so that the readings will start to appear.

Just to check, is your usage info for electricity being sent over to your In-Home Display? (The small plug-in device that came with the new meter)

-Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke,

Thanks for your reply, great to hear from you.
Thanks for following up for me.

The IHD has never worked unfortunately. Have tried to reset it multiple times but no it doesn’t work. Would love for it to work though!


Hi Jack :slightly_smiling_face:,

Looks like the IHD is struggling to connect to the meters from the data that we’re getting back from it. Usually in these cases, a reboot of the device would get it up and running, so it’s odd that it didn’t work here. Was the reset you did pressing the button on the back to get it to restart, or did you request a reboot via the Bulb Account online?

-Luke :bulb:

Yes, strange! Have tried both a couple of times. It never seems to find the meter even when it is right next to it! The signal bar is always at the lowest score

Hey Jack :grinning:

I have requested that our smart metering team tries to do a remote reboot of your IHD, as I think this might solve the problem. I am also going to see if we can get your up-to-date energy statement sent over to you before the end of the day, so keep an eye out for that.

I’ll let you know once I hear back from the team about your IHD, but do let me know if you start to see usage info appear on it.

Luke :bulb:

Hi, thanks for doing that!

I can see online that the day and night and meter readings have come up for 13Dec onwards! Yey!
With regard to billing, my last agent said that she would recalculate our bills from 13September to 13Dec based on our current split of day and night use but the updated bill still charges us at the higher rate for all electricity used between September and December, would you be able to correct that for me?