Smart meter readings are not showing on online account

Good afternoon

My online account isn’t reporting any smart meter readings so I have no indication of usage.
There are no usage graphs available on my BULB app for nearly a week so I cannot see how much energy I’m using or monitor the cost.

Hi I’m in the same situation. Both the app and the webpage stopped reporting energy usage on the 24th. I contacted help but seem to be directed to bots who email me to say it’s all fixed, but who attach screenshots that show it isn’t! This is quite annoying at this time of year, and particularly with the difficulties many of us are experiencing when it comes to paying for energy. I need to know how much I’m using if possible

Good morning @paulf and @Fijane thanks for your posts over the weekend.

I can understand that the usage graphs are important and we are sorry you have both had them disappear on the account.

What I can see if both your meters are listed as 1st generation, these meters are connected to an older network which we can now connect to however are limited in what we can do going forward, we would be unable to get an IHD out to you, do more regular updates and the meters would not work if you switched supplier (as in they would likely use smart ability)

What has happened is we have begun working on getting these meters upgraded remotely to the 2nd generation network however we have noticed that in some of these cases it has triggered a stop to the usage graphs. The smart team are aware of this and will work to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Due to the time of year we can appreciate that the usage graphs are useful so we are sorry for the disappointment there but we are aware of this and will be working on getting these both online for you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time and let us know if you need further help.

Carl :bulb:

Hello Carl,

Thanks very much for explaining the problem. I was informed that I was being upgraded to the 2nd gen network, but I wasn’t told this might affect the usage graphs, nor the readings. I hope that this is something that can be fixed soon as not knowing how much gas I’m using is quite a big worry! Thanks for your help.



We’re in South Lincolnshire and our Smart !!!:joy::joy::joy: Meter has failed displaying usage since 31st January too. I appreciate your attempt to explain Carl but this problem must be solved Very Soon (days) otherwise you Must reverse the changes You instigated because this will cause us financial problems of your making.
Enjoy your day,

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Hi @Harajus

I’m sorry for the issue this has caused, but I’m afraid we can’t reverse the changes. Cur smart are working to fix this as soon as they can.

– Meg :bulb:

Thanks for reply Meg. We’ll wait awhile then and then see.

A warning that this fault regarding the usage graphs would have been useful, as in an email sent to users to say that this has happened and another to say it has been fixed.

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Thanks for the explanation Team Bulb but this is completely unacceptable at this fractious time. Energy prices have risen to incomprehensible levels and at a time where we need to monitor our usage more than ever you have let us down. I understand you’ve gone into administration but you still have a service to provide to your customers and as someone else said on a post on this thread, why haven’t you notified customers that this was going to be an issue.
I believe Bulb should be supplying customers who are currently affected by this issue should be provided with a date this will be fixed by and that should be ASAP.
Many people are going to be affected by the massive hike in energy prices alone and will be thrown into fuel poverty and you as suppliers have a duty of care to do everything you can to help your customers and this includes the small matter of sorting a fix on the usage figures on our accounts, it’s not a massive ask really.
Sort it out BULB ASAP!!!

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Hello @Fijane

We are sorry about this and we do appreciate the graphs are important however all smart meters should be upgraded to the new network to ensure they are at their best potential and will benefit you long term. Right now we do not have an exact date on when your graph will be fixed but we will do everything we can to push this through as quick as possible. In terms of the communication, we did send emails to confirm the changes to the smart network.

If you are able to, please feel free to check our communications to see if we sent one, if we did not we will raise with our comms department.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl

I can confirm that I have not received an email informing me of any Smart meter updates. I have checked my inbox, junk and deleted email folders and there has never been any email from Bulb sent to me informing me of planned Smart meter updates being carried out.

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As everyone here is saying it really is vital that this problem is rectified asap. We are all feeling vulnerable with regards to our energy bills. Some of us are scared to put the heating on and not knowing how much you are spending is really not helping at the moment. I don’t know if I’m being over cautious or over zealous with the heating.

I did receive an email about the smartmeter network change. It said that there might be some odd meter readings for a day or so. It didn’t say I’d be without any readings for at least a fortnight and with little prospect of anything changing in the near future. I appreciate that these are not normal times, but all the more reason not to disrupt the only thing a smartmeter is any good for - letting us know how much energy we are using in real time (though I only know once a day as apparently there aren’t any IHDs at the moment so I’m stuck with the app).

Same here. Brand new smart meter giving daily readings to the website, and half hourly in the IHD… Now nothing.
I am very keen to move to the EV tariff ASAP as my meter install is now 2 weeks old. It costs me money every day im not on that tariff so want to be sure this graph balls-up isnt going to stop an immediate tariff change?