Smart meter readings Fault

We regularly write down meter readings from week to week because of having trouble in the past with my old electricity company,
they used to say we were using far more than we were, the reason for contacting us you over this matter is that my husband has taken a meter reading tonight 30/4/2019 and is confused as to how we have used 517units in the month of April as we have been on holiday during this month for 8 days, and all that was left on in the house in that time was the fridge/freezer which is a+ rating, both my husband and myself have checked previous meter readings over the Christmas period on our calendar November-January and at most have only used around 400units, after all the stress last time this happened, were both keen that it doesn’t happen again.
Thank You

You think your meter has gone bad and is over-reading? If so a second meter can be fitted to check the accuracy of the one in dispute.

They charge £150 to do this.