Smart meter readings have gone down


My smart meter hasn’t worked correctly for a long time, some times it sends readings to Bulb, more often it doesn’t. I’ve noticed that at one point the meter readings actually went down, this wasn’t estimated readings, it was actual readings sent from the smart meter.

Contacting bulb they say I need to pay for a visit to check, £120, as its gone down I’m not that fussed but I do wonder whether I’ve paid more than I should… I’m now in credit and they reduceded my payments. But how reliable as these smart meters?

Hi @PeterM - thanks for getting in touch. Welcome to the Bulb Community. :wave:

We can definitely investigate this for you, as your smart readings shouldn’t show negative usage. I can see that the readings showing lower usage in your account have been customer reads, so I’d really like to get some photos so I can take a look at the current reading on your meter display.

Once we’ve investigated we can see if an accuracy test is necessary. If the accuracy test does show that the meter is recording inaccurately, this job won’t be chargeable.

I’ve sent you an email about this now - could you get back to me there?

Hi Jim, thanks for replying, I’ve already sent 2 sets of photos into Bulb and the response from the Customer Complaints was I needed to pay for an accuracy test myself… Crazy.