Smart meter readings. New customer.

Hi. I’ve just joined and am aware I need to provide meter reading. I have smart meters that do not have readings, they just provide a real time reading to my current supplier. How do I provide bulb with my readings and will they be able to get the real time usage as my current supplier does?

Hi @Ru5ty, all smart meters can be read manually as well as automatically by the supplier.

With Bulb, unfortunately at present you will have to provide meter readings manually. By the end of this year, Bulb smart meters should change this.

Bulb have an article on reading smart meters that may help.

Thank you for your help @mowcius. Do you know if I will be able to keep the meters I have or will they need changed?

Hi @Ru5ty, Bulb will offer you a new SMETS2 meter which is likely to be an improvement over the meter you have at present, however around the end of the year, the program to enable older meters to be read by any supplier should also be in place.
If you did then hold off on having your meter replaced, your current meter should be compatible with Bulb at some point in 2019.

Personally I’d take the new shiny meters from Bulb as the 2nd gen (SMETS2) ones add additional functionality for integrating future home devices with the meter (for example a smart thermostat for electric heating could communicate with the meter to turn on and off exactly when your Economy 7/10 meter changes rates, or you could buy a nicer In Home Display if you didn’t like the one supplied).