Smart Meter Readings not being sent

Hi. Had my electric smart meter installed on 26th august and although my readings are set to send every 30 mins, my last reading was on 1st September. Nothing has been sent since according to the app. I am due to get my gas smart meter installed on Friday. The IHD keeps rebooting lots of times every day too. I turn my head to look at it and it’s rebooting and then has no price on the screen. Today it had no price and just dashes and I had to turn it on and off.

Can someone please help? Thanks.

Actually just logged on to my account using the website instead of the app. The usage graph shows my readings every day but the list below stopped the readings on 1st September

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mine is the same, but i am getting billed correctly though, just no ihd i just have the website and see graph so think its working, all seems very sketchy to me

Hi @Tigermad2

So it sounds like your meter has dropped off the Home Area Network. This is what causes the IHD restart loop you’ve described, and also means we temporarily won’t be getting reads from the meter.

To fix this, we reboot the communications hub that sits atop your electric meter. I’m struggling to find your account with us though, would you be able to email with these problems from the email on your Bulb account?

Hi @richard.evans.home60

It sounds like we may need to commission your IHD to the smart network, but I can confirm your meters themselves are set up fine and communicating with us.

I’ll send an email over about commissioning the IHD now.


Hi. This is my account I use for bulb. I had to create 2 accounts on the forum because there was trouble resetting the password. Can you help from this account please? Thanks.


Please see above. Thanks

Thanks for getting in touch with us via your Bulb account, I’ve managed to find out account.

I’m going to send you an email now with a bit more info on what needs doing here so please look out for that :grinning: