Smart meter readings not coming through

My smart meters were installed in May, but the readings are still not coming through. Bulb seems to have a problem with reading these. What is happening please?

Mine was on 17th June. I have the Gas meter registered on the account but not switch over meter readings. No sign of the Electricity meter being registered. This is all reminiscent of Scottish Power - one of the reasons I left. Please Bulb get this all sorted so that the system can work properly. Otherwise there is no point in the smart meters.

I’m having the same issues… except my smart meter was installed at the start of April. Can’t get much reasonable response from Bulb… it seems as though my usage is pretty much currently guesswork.

My readings were going through and showing on my account until the 15th July.
Now no readings on my account so the energy usage graph must be estimated?

This problem is still not sorted for me :confused:

I got through by phone (a call back) this morning. Agent very helpful and I’m now hope that this is fixed

… but still waiting for improvement and statement