Smart Meter Readings not pulling through to account.

I had smart meters installed by bulb on 8th February. As of today 9th April, I’m still waiting for my first smart readings to register within my bulb account. I’ve tried the chat service which was terrible, called the helpline and got told they’d forward to issue to the smart meter team, and after no reply for a week sent an email, which took them a week to acknowledge and then misunderstood the issue I was reporting. Has anyone else had this issue so far?


Hi Gordon
I had smart meter fitted on Friday as of yet no data pulling through - just sent an e-mail help and smart keep you posted on what response I get.

Yup exactly the same issue, my meter was installed on 20th March. Just spoke with somebody again on the helpline, they totally misunderstood the issue and said that I have already logged and reported an IHD issue!! I explained yes, I am aware of that, but the new issue is that you are not reading any Electric/Gas useage from my SMETS2 meter. In fact the new Electric meter isn’t even shown on the bill! They will forward yet another issue with the Smart team to investigate, with no timescale of reply, or even a ticket number that I can followup against. What a complete shambles.


I have exactly the same issue.

Smart meters installed on 25 February, no bills or meter readings showing on account since.

Tried using email, but waiting 3 days each time for a useless reply is really frustrating.

I was also not left an In Home Display by the engineer, who claimed I would be posted one eventually. Guess what, that never happened either.

Unfortunately this whole business has really soured my perception of Bulb. I was NOT invited to take part in a trial, merely received an email saying smart meters were now available in my area.

I would strongly recommend anyone reading this who is considering having smart meters installed to reconsider doing so until long after all of these issues have been resolved. I regret having ever followed the link in that email, in all honesty.

If you enjoy being able to get any information about your account, or want to avoid having to deal with ineffective customer services avoid Bulb’s smart meter roll-out for now.