Smart Meter Readings not showing in Energy Usage

Smart meter installed on 24/8. HDI displays but loses connection a lot but the bulb account looks a bit odd given I have asked for half hourly readings and it is now 28/8:

20200828 2336 screenshot of readings

Is there normally so little information at this point?

Mines similar as soon as I changed it to half hourly it’s stopped showing any reading at all .

I’ve switched back to daily see if it changes anything

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Glynn my installation was last year, but very similar scenario to you - my DD built up in credit but then suddenly had a huge bill which was far more than the credit. So just watch it. I am very disillusioned with BULB although the friend who recommended them has never had a problem, but she doesn’t have a smart meter!!!

Thanks for this.

Rapidly become disillusioned with Bulb with their quality processes - or lack of them.


Similarly to the other post on here, I to had no problems with Bulb and bills up until I changed to a smart meter. Now I have not had a bill for over 6 months with my DD just building up. Also the meter keeps dropping the readings mainly on in Gas. It is becoming more frustrating no know how much you owe

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The difficulty is that Bulb are not actually in direct control of the smart meters - they have to deal with 3rd-parties both for installation (Siemens, Morrison and others) and for management (DCC).

So if there are any problems, Bulb don’t have free rein to implement fixes on their own - there are limits to what they can do.

Of course, Bulb pick up almost all the reputational damage for the 3rd-party shortcomings. :man_facepalming:

You should still be able to get accurate bills by taking meter readings and submitting them, just as if the meters were old-school “dumb” ones. While that does defeat the whole point of having the smart meters, at least it means you know where you are, bill-wise.

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Just coming back to ask the collective mind how to escalate this issue:

Latest Energy Used screen shows:

Which is zero progress since 25/8/20.

Any thoughts welcome on how to actually get some progress…

Hi @glynn our apologies that we didn’t pick your post up sooner. I can see we’re receiving smart readings from both meters, and the reason for the sudden drop in reading is that both new meters will have started from a reading of 0, so this shouldn’t cause any problems with your next statement.

Please let me know if you’re still having trouble with your IHD and what usage data it shows if any.


Thanks Matthew. I am still not confident that things are working at all correctly. See the following screen grabs:


Why are there no meter readings showing in the bottom of each screen shot and why are they missing in the chart for the days since 24/8 and even yesterday for the gas? Also why are the readings not every 30 mins as requested?

Not too impressed at the moment.

Correction. It is the electric that is missing from yesterday…

Hi @glynn if you’ve just got one fuel’s data showing on your IHD, please could you leave your IHD within 5m of the electricity meter and follow the fix at the link here?

Just restart the IHD before, leave it plugged in and wait for 48 hours. If this doesn’t work we’ll discuss this further with you over email

Will do. Bear in mind that the IHD is showing both gas and electricity consumption but no monetary values for the gas.