Smart meter readings not showing on app or account

I have been away for a few days and wanted to know out of interest how much my energy costs were when the flat was unoccupied. I noticed that no readings displayed on the app since 25 Nov. It has now reverted to just estimated reads for the first time since having the smart meter fixed in January. The in house display still changes in accordance with energy usage so it seems it’s just the smart meter isn’t any longer linked to my account. Can someone help? I don’t think this is just an app but as I uninstalled and reinstalled and it did nothing, and the last email from bulb referred to an estimated read. Readings should be going every 30 mins

Hi @gljones

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I can see that the last read came through on your account on the 25/11 and the read on the 02/12 did not come through as planned.

Everything looks up and running with your meters so we should get the next read.

Regarding the IHD could you do a reset please, make sure the IHD is connected to the wifi.

Please could you follow the link below to fill in the details of the issue?

Once you’ve sent that in we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working in 24 hours. If it’s still not working in 48 hours then get back in touch.

If this does not work, please get back in touch and we will look into some other things.

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Hi this has not resolved the issue. As ibhave explained here and to your colleaguebvia email, the IHD is the one thing that seems to be working in this set up. The issue is that the smart meter has not sent reads to my account.

Hello this is still not working.

Hi @gljones, I’m sorry you’re still having issues. I can see that we’re not getting these readings through, so I’ve requested a reboot of the comms hub on your smart meter, which should fix this issue. At the moment, the lead time on these reboots is about 6 weeks, after which time, we should be getting these back through for you :+1:t2:

Lou :stars:

I’m also having the same problem that this customer had, can you reboot the comms hub on my smartmeter also please?

Hi @kyeeasdown, I’ve requested this comms hub reboot for you too!

Lou :stars:

great, thank a lot for that

Hi there thanks. After a long wait this did fix the issue, however it has now started again with no readings showing since Thursday morning. Can you please investigate?

I’ve also noticed that this month my bill was based on estimated readings, is something going wrong with smart meters sending data to Bulb?