Smart Meter Readings not working

I have a smart meter and noticed on my statement the electric shows smart - which I presume is a smart reading but the gas shows estimate - so should I be reading this still - why is it not getting a reading from the smart meter?

I don’t think that you can send in any gas readings until they have the final reading from the old meter. Even then the gas meter will have had to switch over to smart before any reading can be entered.

I was converted a month ago and electric was ok within a couple of days and gas is supposed to start imminently.

I had smart gas/electric meters installed at the beginning of last year. I still have to give gas meter readings but the electric meter is behaving.

I chased them up a week or two ago and got the below:

"Unfortunately these gas issues are recognised by our smart team, they are trying to bulk fix these as we speak but it could be another couple of months I’m afraid "

Had my smart meter for nearly a year too - and honestly wish I hadn’t bothered, but it is what it is. I also notice on my bill the electric meter is reading as smart but no details are showing on the device they left for me to plug in - so I still have no way of monitoring my usage. Gas I still enter manually. Thinking of changing from Bulb anyway - my bills have skyrocketed.