Smart meter readings way off!

I have been with bulb for over 2 years and only until recently (and stupidly) since I’m moving house I thought I’d check my meters. Bulb have been doing smart meter readings the whole time and my electricity readings are way off! By over 1000kwh! How can these be so wrong if they’re smart readings :joy::see_no_evil: can anyone help and put my mind at ease before I move house!

Does your latest bill use actual or estimates for electricity? If it’s an estimate you can submit an actual reading to have it corrected.

It’s actual readings not estimate

Very odd. Your bill should also show your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number). Does this match the MPAN on the actual meter itself?

I can’t see which is that number on my meter. But none of them match the bill number :woman_facepalming:t2:

The meter number is correct but the MPAN number is nowhere on the meter

Sounds like you’re being charged for the correct meter so I’ve no idea how the statement can be wrong if the meter readings on the bill say “Read” and these bear no resemblance to actual meter readings.

It’s a mystery! There is also a red flashing light on my meter, looked up the manual and can’t find an answer to that either :joy:

The flashing red light is normal so that isn’t an issue. I think you’ll need Bulb’s help to sort this out. Someone will need to look at your account to see where these readings are coming from. I suspect you’ll be asked to send in photos.

Ah that’s okay then. I’ll contact them and see what’s going on! Thanks for your help :relaxed:

The Smart reading for my electricity are also vastly different to what is actually showing on the meter display. My readings have always been a 5 digit number. As of 03/02/22, however, Bulb actually started taking Smart reading which are only 4 digit numbers. I am unable to enter my own readings on the internet as it says that my readings are too high to be correct and they have asked me to provide photos of the readings. I have done this 2 months on the trot and they are simply ignoring them.
I have also made a complaint to customer service and provided them with the images previously sent and received a boiler-plate reply saying that they will enter my readings into the online acount which, so far they haven’t done.
I’m seriously considering contacting Ofgem as they are obviously ignoring my complaints.

Oh no! Sounds like I’m going to have issues with this :see_no_evil: I haven’t tried to enter my readings in online because I was too scared too! I hope you get sorted soon

Check to see if your meter has an R01 figure as well as Total. You might find they’re taking R01 instead now.

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There is R01 on the screen where my read is the higher amount :see_no_evil:

Hi! Thanks for advice. It appears that they have been taking the R1 reading. Be nice of them to tell me that is what they needed as this is different to my previous supplier who took the “Total” reading.

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How do I find the total reading on the meter :rofl:

I found it :grin::grin: it’s more similar to bulbs readings now! Thanks so much :joy:

You can find the mpan on the ihd. If I remember rightly it’s under settings-meter info

Hey @leanneleeson,

Welcome to community and thank you for posting. :wave:t4:

I have sent you over a follow up email.

Please can you reply back to me so I can take a look into this further.

Hi @divvydend ,

It looks like your meter is on its way to enroll on to the dcc network for your 1st generation meter.As we update meter details throughout the years we were eventually able to enroll your meter to the DCC network. So this means upgrading, improving security and saving the industry many millions of pounds a year.

The government has put in place a programme to move first-generation meters onto this network, giving old meters the same benefits as new meters.

The programme is underway with the first group of meters migrated in 2019, taking the readings from your total, but as your meter has now enrolled onto the DCC the readings will need to be from register 1 instead .I’m sorry if this was not explained to you, but due to the new update we now require taking your meter readings from a different register ( reg1) instead of the total amount which you have been relaying to us.
I hope this explains your query and if you have any further questions then please let me know.

–Suki :hibiscus:

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