Smart meter readings

I transferred to Bulb from Npower and I had one of the first generation Duet II smart meters. I understood it wouldn’t be fully functional once I transferred but its not even supporting meter readings anymore. Is there a way to reconfigure it so I can get meter readings or do I have to wait for a second generation smart meter.

Hey @Paul14 The meters on the wall, connected to the cables and the pipes, will still provide a reading. This article outlines how:

We can get you upgraded to a 2nd generation one once we start our rollout of these.

Thanks Euan, I’ve read the articles about getting manual readings from smart meters but I don’t understand why my existing smart display can’t give me a meter reading when its still connected to the meter via a WAN. I understand that some functions won’t work but don’t understand why no functions work. My gas meter is not easily accessible so I want to read it remotely.

Hi @Paul14 Unfortunately, there is no way for us to reconfigure either the meters or the display