Smart meter readings

Hello. We have a new smart meter… but have been asked to provide readings. Should the meter not be sending these readings automatically?

You’re doing better than I am - I also have a new smart meter (1 month old), it hasn’t submitted a reading, but I also wasn’t asked to provide a reading, so now I have an estimated bill! Nice one Bulb.

I’ve had smart meters since March, I still don’t have the in house display and the meters still aren’t sending readings correctly. Still estimating readings from my old electric meter and the gas meter has sent the odd reading but definitely not working correctly

I had smart meters installed 20th May, the IHD has never worked, the meters actually sent readings until 13th July then stopped. Emailed Bulb for an explanation a month ago, no reply! Looked on my usage chart and found some fictional figures, ie 20p for a days gas usage which includes the standing charge so it looks as if my showers and cooking must be free!