Smart meter reads Gas but not Electricity - why?

My monthly bills repeatedly show:-

  • Gas usage based on meter readings
  • Electricity estimate

…why is the smart meter only doing half of its job? I thought the whole idea was that they submit readings automatically, avoiding the need for estimates or customer readings? :crazy_face:

Hi @pks,

Thanks for getting in touch with us about your issue.

So after looking into your account, it looks as though your electricity meter has disconnected from your home area network (HAN).

I’ve just sent a request off to the DCC (Data Communications Company) to reboot your home area network to re-connect your electricity meter.

This can sometimes take 2-4 weeks purely because we’re unable to communicate with your meter directly.

We completely understand your frustration and if you would like to submit a complaint, please don’t hesitate to send an email to our complaints department

Not something I want to complain about - glad you’ve been able to identify the issue and can address it. Thanks for the explanation and the action.

Thanks for your understanding @pks, let us know if you’re still having trouble viewing your electricity data in a months time.

Well, it’s gotten worse - the December bill was estimated for both gas AND electricity. The smart meter is now completely dumb :crazy_face:

Hey @pks,

Your most recent bill was to actual gas smart reads, but estimated electricity reads. I’ve just checked and we haven’t had a result from the reboot Trevor mentioned yet unfortunately, but hopefully we will soon and we’ll be able to get this sorted.

Hi. The January bill still shows ESTIMATED electricity …Gas is read from the not-so-smart meter. Hoping you’ll actually be able to resolve this :innocent: