Smart meter recently fitted

I’ve had a smart meter fitted last Friday and it’s still not working after allowing 48 hours to sync with the account also there’s no hot now Generated form the central heating since the electric had been switched off for the installation ?

Same happened to me after the gas meter was installed. Air in the pipe from the meter to the boiler.

I’ve bled the radiators or do you mean the gas pipe

Hi @Mark39 sorry to hear you in-home display isn’t working yet.

If you haven’t already I’d highly recommend moving your In-Home Display closer to the electricity smart meter. switch it off for a few moments using the round, flat button on the back, and then press the same button again to switch it on again. Sometimes this gives the signal the boost it needs to start working.

There have been some teething problems with the smart roll-out that have meant some people have had to wait a little while for the displays to connect with us.

Rest assured though this is something we’re tracking and needs to be done on our side rather than yours. It is just a bit of a wait for now.