Smart meter recently installed, lost gas readings

Hi all,

On Thursday morning (2 days ago), I had my gas and electricity meters replaced with smart meters, along with an IHD (Chameleon IHD6).

On Thursday, the IHD was reading electricity and gas usage quite happily, and working fine. On Friday however, it seemingly lost all knowledge of the gas meter and now only shows electricity usage (both instantaneous and historical). The ‘gas’ light on the Toshiba comms unit is not flashing.

Is there anything I can do to kick the gas meter back into life or get the system to show the readings again?


I have the same issue - IHD only picking up the electricity and not the gas.
I have reset it a number of times and no luck in the gas usage showing up. It’s quite frustrating, especially with the colder weather meaning that our gas usage is increasing for the next few months.

I hope someone has a solution!

I had smart meters fitted back in May 2019 but the gas smart meter has never worked properly and I still have to send meter reading into bulb. The IHD has never shown the gas readings. I have complained to Bulb but they are not interested.

Exactly the same with me. Smart meters installed about three weeks. Monitor was working for a few days but now only electricity readings are showing. Ive tried resetting the device and requested reset from bulb, but still no joy.
Monitor is now in cupboard, it is no use to me if it only half works. Shame given the cost of installation and disappointed in bulb for their seeming lack of interest

Meters installed in May,IHD never worked until Bulb sent me a replacement which now only displays electricity data,no gas.Same on the SmartThings app.
The not so smart meter readings occasionally appear on my account.
As other people have said,Bulb are incapable or unwilling to solve the problems.

Hi Johno, when you say the smart meter readings occasionally appear on your account, do you mean both gas and electricity, or just electricity?

Both readings show,usually near my billing date,however I agreed to daily readings being taken.

Interesting, so your gas meter is actually sending readings, and you are getting accurately billed without having to give manual meter readings?

I send meter readings on weekly basis to avoid estimated bills.

OK, but the gas smart meter is actually sending readings as well, despite not showing on your IHD?

I’m having similar problems. My IHD originally showed electricity reading then gas readings were displayed as well. After a day or so the IHD went blank. I switched it back on, checked the connections and waited. Electricity reading were displayed virtually immediately but gas readings haven’t appeared again. IHD is about 3 m from the electricity meter showing three bars at least of signal strength.

I’m trying another reset - second time - and will report back.


My IHD is now reporting BOTH gas and electricity reading after a reboot of the IHD and a reset.

Fingers crossed.:balloon:

Four smart meter readings on my account in five months.