Smart meter removal - no stock

I have been informed stock of non smart meters is being reserved for emergencies and I currently cannot pay £120 to move from EDF and have my smart meter replaced with a digital non smart meter. I am concerned I am running out of time to get a non smart meter reinstalled before there is no longer any utility company left still offering this service.

Can I separately purchase a new digital non smart meter of exactly the same model as what bulb would fit and have this installed by bulb for the same cost? If so which model would this need to be etc.

I do not wish to use the existing meter in ‘dumb’ mode.

No. You can’t supply your own meter.

Even if you could obtain one by fair means or foul, be difficult to find someone to connect it(except perhaps a backstreet electrician) bit dodgy wiring it up yourself

Not dodgy, just plain illegal. And even if you did that you’d then have to try to get the supplier to register the new meter serial number, which you wouldn’t be able to do.

But @rgw isn’t asking that. They want to buy the meter and then get Bulb to fit it.

They can, however, install and fit their own tin foil hat :upside_down_face:

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Why? What is wrong with your smart meter that you don’t want to use it dumb?

If you did wire it up yourself think you would need more than a tin foil hat. I know that wasn’t what the OP was thinking/asking but I am bored with being :house: bound with this weather and just trying to lighten the gloom a bit

I purposefully didn’t go Into details about why I didn’t want the meter to avoid these kind of snidey comments derailing the thread. As anyone well researched knows, personal mockery (ad hominems etc) are always in lieu of data and objective, rational thought.

I will patiently wait for a confirmation from someone within bulb and whether they have any ideas about expediting the installation of a non smart meter.

Oooooooooah, that’s us telt :tongue:

There is nothing to discuss. You can’t buy your own meter and get Bulb to install it.

You’ll wait a long time for a reply from Bulb on here, they don’t use the community. Although @JamesW_at_Bulb has been posting a bit recently. You’d be best to phone them up and discuss your predicament.

They are never completely “dumb”. Just because they aren’t uploading meter readings doesn’t mean they are not connected to the network. Should the network get hacked, the meter could still be remotely shut off. If you worry about that sort of thing.

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