Smart Meter replacement and readings

My meter does not work. The meter itself is not readable. The numbers haven’t changed in months. I’ve contacted Bulb via Twitter also as I am at a loss. If I hear nothing further this week I shall have to follow the complaints procedure, whatever that is.

Cara, it is fine to use estimated reading however if the meter isn’t working and then it is replaced how can you say how much energy I have or haven’t used??? from the posts on this thread and others this smart meter is not doing anything like what it should be and the technology obviously is not up to standard… can we go back to our old meter???

Hi @Sspencer :wave:

I can see that my colleague has raised your faulty smart meter with our metering team. They will just need to run a few checks, and then my colleague will get a notification from them once they’ve done so. She’ll then get back in touch with you to arrange the replacement.

Hi @mjlgirly :wave:

So it looks like your faulty meter has already been picked up by our metering team, and I can see they contacted you about in on the 29th September. They will be in touch with you directly in the next week or so over email to arrange the replacement.

Once your meter has been replaced and we start to see your actual usage, we will use this to update the previous estimates used.

– Meg :bulb: