Smart meter reporting lower usage than what we are being billed for

I don’t understand what is going on with my bills.

Have recently moved from set DD to monthly billing for monthly usage only. Did it because we had to much money in credit and Bulb wouldn’t reduce the DD to a realistic amount. The whole process was excruciating.

Anyway I have been keeping a closer eye on the smart meter usage now. This is the second month the bill is significantly higher than what the smart meter says we have used.

I believe VAT and standing charge are added to the figure the smart meter displays. Even if they are not the maths does not workout.

Anyone else seeing/seen this?

Hi Matt, I noticed too that my electricity smart meter is no longer sending monthly readings, the last one was on 1st of April.

I suspect your meter stopped sending them any readings too.

If you don`t send them manual meter readings 3 days before your statement/DD day, they might use an estimate which is at least double than the actual usage.

I hope this helps.

Hi Doinita, I have checked and the reading on the meter and in my app are the same. It is logging readings every 30 mins.

The Gas payments seem to match up. It is the electricity ones that don’t.

The charge on the smart meter is a lot lower than the bill for electric.

When you’re saying the “charge on the smart meter” I presume you’re referring to the in-home display (IHD) and not the meter itself. Neither the IHD nor the app is 100% reliable, so best treated as guides. As long as your bills reflect the readings from the smart meter, you’re not being overcharged.

Hi Norman, that is good to know thank you.

The meter reading in the HID and on the meter and on my bill are all roughly the same.

So the £ amounts shown for electric usage on the HID is over 20% under what the bill actually is. That seems way off concidering the HID has access to my rate and meter readings every 30 mins. That does not seem like a difficult calculation for it to make. What more info would it need to report accurately.

My IHD resides in a drawer. Several times I tried the recommended fixes as posted on here by Bulb staff and they didn’t work, so I gave in. Life is too short. I use the Bulb app for an approximation and the daily and monthly figures (but not weekly) seem to be there or thereabouts.

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Hi Norman. I have had the HID in the hall to highlight to the rest of the household just how much energy they are consuming each day (the main point of the HID). Like you I am not sure of the point of it now as it is under reporting electric usage.