Smart Meter Requirements

Hiya, i’ve just switched to Bulb (well, it’s about to happen… few more days before Bulb takes over my supply officially)

I’ve just moved into my house and will be ripping out all the electrics next month to replace them and figured it would be a good time to wire the place up ready for SmartHome kit and automation etc. Just wondering 2 things:

  • What sort of technology does the Smart Meter use? IE - does it use Z-wave? Just so I know what kit to be buying to make everything compatible. Don’t know a huge amount of stuff about smart homes (yet) but from what i’ve read it all needs to be able to talk to each other.
  • Can I get on the trial for a smart meter? Can’t imagine a smart home without one.
  • I’ve read that you’re waiting until next year for new tech to be available - will the smart meter do anything more than just monitor energy use? Pointless buying stuff that the smart meter will cover when it arrives.

Hey scott6175!

It’s awesome to hear what you’ve got planned and we’d love to help wrap up your house in a smart bow :+1:

Smart meters work on a cellular wave network. One thing worth noting is that the smart meter will communicate straight to us and so, for now, won’t be interacting with other things. We’ll then be sending back that information to the Bulb App. This is where you’ll be able to see all the snazzy benefits of smart energy information.

Like you, we’re so excited about the future benefits of the internet of things and the smart world! They’re still a little around the corner at the moment but, obviously, we’ll be keeping you all in touch as and when we improve on all these connections :slight_smile:

What kind of technology are you planning on installing?

We can certainly add you to the trial list, so you’re one of the first members to get the meter installed. The main reason we’re waiting for the second generation of smart meters is their compatibility with software in the energy industry. Exciting things are being developed each day so it’s hard to say all of the benefits they’ll be providing,

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your answer! First and foremost is safety and security so we’re going to have a smart security system (toying with the idea of using Nest Protect but that’s quite pricey so not taking any options off the table). Some sort of learning thermostat to reduce our carbon footprint is also intended - a bit sooner than the rest because we’re getting a new boiler and heating system in the next couple of months.

Really though we’re just in the research phase at the moment, but finding that there are so many things to think about and no fully-fledged complete systems that are consumer-friendly at the moment so wanting to keep options open.

I look forward to getting the smart meter :slight_smile: (We got notification that we’re officially on-board today as soon as we submit our meter readings!)

Hey @scott6175, I’ve added you to the trial list now :+1:

The research phase is the most fun part of getting new technology I find! Everything goes a bit downhill after I’ve paid the money for it, most likely because my wallet feels lighter.

Smart thermostat sounds great too, we’re all for data led improvements. We envisage a future where customers are in tune with their energy usage with devices to help them become more energy efficient.

If you want any more advice or just want to chat about it, just keep replying away!